Why Beyond?
If you are reading this, then you are probably wondering why you should choose us or what makes us stand out from the other agencies… These are all very fair questions and no matter how hard we try to answer them with words, the real answers will come by putting us to the test! We are not JUST another agency in the undisputedly over-commercialized sector of villa rentals and concierge in the island of Mykonos. Growing up between Greece and the UK, we experienced Mykonos from a customer’s standpoint for many years before the island reached the glory it is experiencing nowadays. Being world travelers from an early age, we carry with us international influences and experiences which helped us shape our values in the hospitality sector. Beyond Mykonos was set up as an effort to apply international standards in a place with unparalleled beauty like Mykonos but also a place that lacks structure and professional approach in the provision of services. Our commitment is transparency on every step of the way, professional execution in all your requests and trust beyond boundaries. We at Beyond Mykonos are looking to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and work side by side in creating unforgettable memories. We hope you can give us a chance to surprise you..

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